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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why, O Why Do We Go Astray

Why, O why do we go astray from the One who's blood washed our sins away?

Why, O why do we turn away from the One who's love will never fade?

Why, O why do we run away from the One who died for all to be saved?

Why, O why do we go astray?

The Lord laid this on my heart this morning and as I was saying it out loud, I thought about the love He freely gives. The unconditional love that we set out to find in the world, yet come up empty handed each time. We look for that special love in a special someone, so that the longing can be satisfied, only to find ourselves disappointed time and time again.

Why? Because there is only ONE that can satisfy this desire. He created us to LOVE Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. However, when we buy into the lie, that a human can fulfill the longings of our heart, we end up hurt. We end up on a path to destruction. We end up settling, yet longing for TRUE LOVE.

Our True Love is Jesus! He is the ONLY One who will show unconditional love to us! He is the ONLY One that will fulfill all our hearts desires, through having a relationship with Him!
The One who deserves all our devotion and love is Jesus!

Why, O why do I go astray? Jesus help me to never stray away, Amen!

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