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Friday, January 28, 2011

Journey of Life

The fog was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. It was about 7:15 am and I had to turn on my head lights for oncoming vehicles because the visibility was so bad. The roads from Fayette to Columbia are hilly and winding, low valleys and high peaks. It is a beautiful sight during these snow filled winter days! A winter wonderland is what I would call it.
The Lord speaks to me through his creation and this day was no different. As fog consumes the scenery around me, so my troubles consume me. I was beginning to feel as if God had left me...I could not see Him or feel Him...the worries of my life began to drown out the truths that I have hidden in my heart...then it happened. "I will never leave you, Ang.." He whispered to my spirit.
As I was driving along, I could vaguely see the tail lights of the car in front of me. It was like the Lord said, "See if you look hard enough, I am always before you." I then entered a low valley and the fog began to lift and the car in front of me was completely visible. Then I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed a truck behind me....
You see in our lowest valleys of life, the Lord showed me that He is before us and behind us! He will not leave us! The fog represented my worries and when I worry, I can't focus on God. Notice something, when I hit the lowest point of my valley, He is so visible, so real. When I am at the peak of my mountain, there He is again, so visible, so real...but on the way up or down the "mountain of life" our worries will consume us, just as the fog consumes the scenery. We have to keep truckin' along even though we can't see Him because He is always there!
Thank You Lord, for the way you speak to my heart. I love you and on this "journey of life", through the valleys and the peaks, help me to fix my eyes on You!

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