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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Am a Byproduct of Your Affair

I am a Byproduct of Your Affair
Selfish is my name, satisfying the flesh is my game

I cause you to look out for #1
I cause you to satisfy your fleshly desires
I cause you to ignore those in need
I cause you to love yourself more than you love others
I cause you to have a cold and indifferent heart toward the Truth
I cause you to want more and more
I cause you to throw out all morals
I cause you to think of Jesus as a slave driver
I cause you to believe Jesus' yoke is heavy

You see I am a byproduct of your affair with the prince of this world, the Prince of Darkness. Those "stuck-in-the-mud's, goody-goodies, holier-than-though, born-again Believers" say I am the reason for sin. That's what they think.
It's fun being ME, Selfish,then there is no need to care what others think, especially God. If you are like me then you will have a fun, thrilling, adventurous, exciting, better life. Not dull and boring like that "narrow" road Jesus talks about. I don't mind if you want to call yourself by my name...the more the merrier!! Although it might get confusing, everyone going around saying, "Hey, Selfish how ya doing?" But since we don't care what others think, then whoopy doo. We will just live in a world full of Selfish people.

Yours Truly,

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