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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 (HCSB), "A manifestation of the Spirit is given to each person to produce what is beneficial:
to one is given a message of wisdom through the Spirit,
to another, a message of knowledge by the same Spirit,
to another, faith by the same Spirit,
to another, gifts of healing by the one Spirit,
to another, the performing of miracles,
to another, prophecy,
to another, distinguishing between spirits,
to another, different kinds of languages(tongues),
to another, interpretation of languages(tongues).
But one and the same Spirit is active in all these, distributing to each one as He wills."

Acts 11:16-17
"Then I remember the word of the Lord, how He said,'John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.' Therefore, if God gave them the same gift that He also gave to us when we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, how could I possibly hinder God?"

I was pondering the power of the Holy Spirit on my way home from work and just really thinking about some teachings that can be misleading. So I have asked God for wisdom when it comes to the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift/s, as well as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I pray for the truth of God's Word to be in my heart and on my mind always as I am called to be His Ambassador.

I have had people of a certain denomination tell me that I was not truly saved since I did not speak in tongues...I had them question my salvation, tell me that I must not want to gift of tongues because I had not told God to give it to me. I am not trying to offend anyone so please hear me out.

Let me give you an analogy: Let's say your birthday is coming up and your dad goes to several stores looking for a special gift just for you. He has watched you grow into a mature young adult and being your dad, he probably knows what you like and don't like. He also knows how you will handle the gift he wants to bestow on you. Now you, knowing your dad will pretty much give you whatever you ask for since it's your birthday, you decide to go to him begging for something you really desire. The begging becomes pleading and then manipulation...all before you have seen the gift he chose for you.

To me if you go to your dad begging for a specific thing for your birthday and he gives you exactly what you asked for, it ceases to be a gift...A gift is a special something, chosen by a special someone, to be given on a special occasion.

The gift of the Holy Spirit is given to all who believe in Christ Jesus as Savior. The gift/s of the Holy Spirit are giving to each Believer according to God's will. I can't go to God and beg Him for something I already have. I can't go to God and tell Him that I would rather have the gift of speaking in tongues over the interpretation of tongues.

The bottom line here is our Abba, Daddy, The Gift Giver, has chosen which gifts to bestow on each of His Children. When I was saved by trusting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and God chose to give me the gift of faith, wisdom, discernment and the gift of interpretation. My life transformation from who I once was to who I am now, is a testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. I CANNOT live as I do without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and His gifts to me!

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