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Monday, May 24, 2010

How will they know you are His disciple?

Do I resemble Christ? Do people see Jesus in me? That is my deepest desire! How about you? Are you a disciple of Christ? I say that I am, but I am sure I do not always resemble Him. Just ask my husband and kids, lol. I am not talking about perfectionism here either. I am talking about the desire to be like Christ. Did you know, as a disciple we are to take on the character of Christ in all areas of our lives?

I just wonder how often we pray to have Christ's character in our everyday lives? I think we try to atleast on Sunday. I mean, we go to church, greet one another with smiles on our faces, hands lifted in worship, maybe sing in the choir or the ensemble. We say a hardy "amen" as the Pastor preaches about loving one another, treat others how you want to be treated. We tear up when we hear of the orphanage in need, or when we hear of the lost people of this world dying.

I guess my question is do we truly want Christ's character in our everyday lives? If we had his character, it would show up Monday-Sunday! What Character traits do you desire more of? Compassion, love, humility, passion for the lost, patience, kindness, gentleness, etc. My daily prayer is that I would be emptied out of self, and filled with the Holy Spirit that I may be used by Him and that others will see Christ in me. Would you pray that for me and if you desire the same kind of character, let me know and I will pray for you! If we have His character,the world will KNOW we are His disciples! Amen!

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