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Monday, August 16, 2010

Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy today. A dear friend of mine just past away after having bleeding on the brain. This is a shock to all who love and know her! Because of this, I am reminded that life is just a breath away. At any moment anything can can happen and our life as we know it on earth is over. Death is promised to all living things."What man can live and shall not see death" Psalm 89:48
My dear friend Jeanette lived her life knowing that life on earth is temporary and her real home is in Heaven. Everyday she loved Jesus, loved people, loved life. She had an eternal purpose and she served Jesus well. She was my mentor, my spiritual "mom", my friend, my sister in Christ.
She has impacted so many people! I am sure when she stepped up to Heaven's Gates, hand in hand with Jesus, He said,"Well done good and faithful servant."
I love you Jeanette and you are missed!

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