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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keep that fire burning!

Today as I was doing my daily devotion, a picture/thought ran through my mind.....
I saw a fireplace with a blazing fire, the colors were magnificent to look at. I could see the yellows, oranges, and reddish glow of the fire brightly dancing over the logs. I thought about how the fire keeps its intensity by someone poking and prodding, and throwing more logs on it. Once the person attending the fire decides the fire is no longer needed, they can simply stop tending to it and eventually it will die down but until the fire is completely out, you are still able see a amber glow coming from the logs, an internal glow. The fire is still there just without the flames.....
I say all this because the Lord spoke to my heart saying,"When you are sharing an intimate relationship with Me, the fire in your heart will burn with intensity. I AM the "fire starter" now you are responsible to keep it ablaze." I thought about how God has given this gift to us and we our obligated to keep the fire going.
When we have a thriving relationship with God, we are poking and prodding the fire. Each believer must choose to keep "throwing logs" on the fire, by confessing sin, praying, studying His Word, and having fellowship with other believers. All this will keep the fire in us burning bright. This Light/Fire cannot be hidden however it can die down.
So if your fire has started to die out and only a slight glow is seen, start poking and prodding, stirring up the flames and then throw on a log or two to keep the fire burning bright!


  1. That's a great reminder. Thanks for being my log (or are you the poker in this story?) :D